Lavender summer news

We’ve got some exciting news for you…

The recent episode of the anarcha-feminist podcast Bloed Aan De Muur from Amsterdam talks about menstruation poverty and for this occasion they played our song “Blood Blood Blood Blood“. If you speak/understand Dutch, we recommend listening. It’s a very informative episode and the entire podcast is very interesting and fun to listen to. Listen here.

Our song “Resting Bitch Face” was included on the new (third!) Girls Go BOOM Mixtape. Buy it directly from Girls Go BOOM.

Our guitarist Nina was interviewed for “Lights Go Out” fanzine about Lavender Witch. See the cover below! Buy the zine here. John, who did the interview, is the artist who made the amazing drawing of us last year. He also interviewed Nina on his podcast Superbeast a while ago about her solo project Lost Luna and the zines she makes.

And finally, our zine friend Laura-Marie blogged about us:

“I find it exciting, relatable, and empowering. When I listen to Lavender Witch, I feel like I’m among friends, strengthened to do my life’s work. […] It astounds me, how this music can help me feel safe. It’s almost overwhelming–I’m not used to feeling so supported in who I am. This is powerful medicine.”
We are so honoured to be able to give a sense of belonging, strength, and support to listeners around the planet. Read her powerful words here.
“This music is based on togetherness, care, and mutual support. The understanding is a given–no need to explain or justify. It’s relaxing, to feel greeted by the love of this music. I say, “Aaahhhh! Finally!” and can become more of who I am.
Laura-Marie also made a page about the herb lavender for this webzine about herbal knowledge (which again brings us back to our song “Blood Blood Blood Blood” (“herbal knowledge is ridiculed….”).

FAN ZIJN exhibition about music and fanzines

Find a comic about the recording of our album Awakening in this fanzine exhibition:

DIY feminist zines + comix

A few days ago I went to the exhibition FAN ZIJN (“being a fan”) in the public library of Sint-Niklaas, a small city in Belgium. It’s part of the PPPUSH-IT project, an event with walking tours and exhibitions in Sint-Niklaas related to music, and FAN ZIJN focuses on zines, fandom, music and DIY culture. You can see local and international fanzines from the 80s up till today (like Cometbus), alongside some tapes, T-shirts, and badges, as well as videos of interviews with zine makers (including Vinyldyke) and informative and encouraging tutorials. There’s a focus on punk and hardcore, riot grrrl and feminist rock, anarchist, and gothic subcultures. The original zines are shown under glass while some pages have been photocopied and stuck on panels which reminded me both of oldschool xeroxed fanzines (which of course are still made today, including by me) and posters advertising punk shows.


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Lavender Witch in 2020 – year overview

2020 was a strange year, to say the least. Musicians and artists like us have had to adapt to the situation too. Despite facing a pandemic and not being able to rehearse or play concerts for most of the year, we still managed to do some exciting things. Plenty of stuff has happened since the beginning of 2020 for Lavender Witch. Here is a little overview:

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Awakening – out on tape

Our magical tapes are here for anyone who wants to relive the nostalgia of the 90s! 

The “Awakening” tape comes with our zine and the price is 8 euros (+postage). It’s a veeeeery limited edition so if you’re thinking of getting one (or more), don’t hesitate or wait!

Send us a message on facebook or an email to if you want to order a tape or if you have any questions.

The tape is a collaboration with Nosebleed Records.


If you prefer the CD or the digital version, you can also contact us for a copy or buy one at

Witchy news: soundtrack, interviews, blogs, and more

Some news from Lavender Witch (Yes, we keep busy during the pandemic): 

  • Today, Friday 6th is another Bandcamp day, so support independent artists like us on Bandcamp! 🙂
  • Today as well, from 8 pm UTC+1 – 11 pm UTC+1, our Anne-So will be interviewed by BxHell TV! Watch the screening at Twitch and take a look at the facebook event for more info.
  • Anne-So has also recently been interviewed by Shoot Me Again webzine about grrrls in music and her personal experience as a musician and founder of Pullet Rocks! (in French). Read it on the website of Shoot Me Again.
  • Les Nouvelles Guérillères: a great documentary about feminist organisations in Brussels will be out soon! We are so proud to be part of the soundtrack. Thank you, Élisa Vdk and congratulations for your work! Watch the trailer here.
  • “Spell” by Lavender Witch was mentioned in a witchy playlist to celebrate Halloween among personal favourites like Baby Fire, Big Joanie, Judith Judah, L7, Tori Amos, Veruca Salt, and many others. Listen at De Tweede Sekse Voorbij blog. Wishing you a wonderful and witchy Halloween season! Be the witch you want to see in the world! Take care + stay safe ❤

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Working on new songs at home

Our Anso is working at home on new songs. We are forced to skip some rehearsals but we keep going on!
In the meantime, listen to “Malicious Muse”, one of the songs from our debut album “Awakening”:
“She doesn’t need your advice
She can make her own art
She’s writing and telling all of our stories
Nothing you can do now”

We’re named as one of 50 contemporary riot grrrl bands

50 riot grrrl bands that push the movement forward

We’re so proud to be part of this list of new riot grrrl bands! Thank you, Larissa of Riot Grrrlss, for including us and writing such nice words about us! Riot grrrl clearly lives on in so many awesome bands… ❤

Preselections for Concours Circuit – concert in Charleroi

Our next concert is part of the preselections for Concours Circuit:

  • Friday September 18th 2020:
    at Rockerill in Charleroi (Belgium)
    Part of the Concours Circuit band contest
    Free concert, register as a bubble
    More info: Facebook event