Lavender Witch launch “Awakening” album and zine today!

Brussels-based band Lavender Witch launches their debut album titled “Awakening” today!

Influenced by the riot grrrl movement, grunge, postpunk and female fronted bands, “Awakening” is the missing link between Hole and Bikini Kill. Lyrically and as activists we are inspired by second wave feminism such as the groups WITCH and Lavender Menace as well as by trans-revolutionary, anti-racist, and intersectional feminists of today. Our lyrics address feminist issues such as manspreading, menstruation, and rebellious muses as well as more personal stories of feeling like outsiders or being disrespected in relationships.

For 10 EUR you can get a physical and digital copy of the CD as well as a 24-page zine filled with song lyrics, Q&As and cover art. The digital-only version is available for 7 EUR. You can order directly via our bandcamp page or pm us on facebook.

(“Awakening” will be released on tape very soon too in collaboration with Nosebleed Records!)

You can listen to and order the album at

Contact us via or



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